Running Tracks

    New Surface Installations

    Nagle Athletic Surfaces provides a broad range of polyurethane running track surfaces to suit your needs.  Our expert guidance during the planning and assessment phases, and the precise installation by our highly trained technicians during the construction phase ensures the success of your project.

    • Installation of IAAF Certified running track surfaces
    • Restriping existing running tracks
    • Certified markings by a licensed land surveyor

    Surface Repairs


    Nothing looks better than a brand new rubber running track with its bright colors and crisp lane lines.

    Unfortunately, for various reasons, track surfaces become damaged, blemishing the appearance, or worse, creating a safety hazard.

    Fortunately, with over 25 years of experience installing running tracks, Nagle Athletic Surfaces can repair any type of damage to your track.

    cTrack Surface Patching

    Surface Repair Kits

    For minor repairs to your running track, we recommend our Running Track Repair Kit.

    Each repair kit covers approx. 10-15 square feet at 1/2 inch depth, and comes with complete instructions to make the repair. This repair kit is not recommended for all repairs. Please speak to one of our experienced staff members to ensure this is the right choice for your running track repair before placing your order.

    Drain Cleaning

    As part of an annual maintenance program, Nagle Athletic Surfaces crews can service clogged and dirty track drains. We can remove the drain covers to remove all debris that has built up in the drain followed by a pressure washing of the drain to remove buildup of any organic matter on the drain surface that may impede the flow of water through the drains. After replacing the drain covers, the drains should begin to drain water off your track surface and away from your playing field.

    For water to effectively drain from a running track, the track drain system must be clean and free from debris.  Chances are good that leaves, garbage and other types of debris have worked there way into your track drain. If left unchecked, this may clog the drains and prevent water from draining from the track surface leading to the premature failure of the track surface.  Standing water on a running track also could pose as a slip risk for athletes, potentially causing injury.