High Tech Pressure Washing

    Track Washing

    Nagle Athletic Surfaces utilizes state-of-the-art washing equipment in its athletic surface pressure washing operation.

    Each unit uses heated, high pressure water to wash debris, stains and stubborn mold and mildew – without chemicals, just plain old water.

    These units then reclaim 98% of the water, reducing runoff.

    When the job is complete, the used water is then filtered to remove contaminants collected during cleaning process, making it cleaner than rain.

    Watch this clip as our crew breathes new life into a tennis court covered with year’s of grime and mold.

    Wash truck - tennis courts
    Pressure washing track

    Preserve your athletic surfaces by pressure washing debris that can abrade and damage your running track or tennis courts. Removal of stubborn mold and mildew will reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls.

    These machines will also have your surface looking good allowing you to get your facility back in the game.