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FAQs Running Tracks

Surface selection is based on what kind of usage the track will receive. We offer several grades that are well suited for middle/high school up to the world class level. If the surface is going to get a lot of spike use, we recommend that the minimum grade be a Spurtan BSS. One of our Technical Sales Representatives can help you make the right decision for your program.

The polyurethane tracks we install last for 20 – 30 years. Surface longevity is a function of maintenance, surface type purchased and the integrity of the subsurface (asphalt, concrete, stone base and drainage system). Our experienced technical sales team can assist you with your selection.

Yes. Depending on the surface selected, a track should be resurfaced every 8-15 years. If you have an existing surface that you need to be evaluated please contact us for a free surface evaluation.

The time required to install a track surface depends on the size of the facility and the track surface selected. Most new surface installations will take three to four weeks to complete. Surface rehabilitations (RE-tops) take between two to three weeks to complete. These time frames include striping. All installations are extremely weather sensitive.

Unfortunately, the entire stadium needs to be closed. The area is a construction zone and for everyone’s safety we close the facility.

Advanced Polymer Technology is the world leader in manufacturing polyurethane running track surfaces and is powered by SportGroup. Their resume of world class installations is unparalleled.  APT is at the forefront of innovating and manufacturing environmentally safe products including their waterborne spray coatings. The Rekortan G Series running track surfaces have an 88% renewable/recyclable content. APT is the only manufacturer of polyurethane track surfaces and acrylic sport surfaces that is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified insuring a quality product every time.

The installer can make or break the track surface. Checking references, performing site visits and talking to your neighboring schools and universities is helpful. At Nagle Athletic we take our “track” record seriously. Each year we produce a report outlining how our tracks are performing and how much money we spend on performing warranty work.

Nagle athletic surface prides itself for keeping a neat and clean jobsite. We always work with the owner to properly secure the area keeping the general public safe. We also have an in house full time safety coordinator that performs training and onsite inspections to promote our safety mantra “safety is a lifestyle”

The best way to clean dry debris is with a walk behind leaf blower. If the track has a blackened mold and mildew film we recommend pressure washing. Nagle Athletic Surfaces, Inc. has a maintenance division equipped with state of the art pressure washing units that can thoroughly and safely clean your track in a timely fashion.

We have a maintenance guideline provided by the manufacturer.

In an encapsulated surface the rubber particles of the wearing course are completely covered with polyurethane surfacing material. The textured surface sheds very few particles. An embedded track surface has exposed rubber particles. The particles “shed” for a number of years. This causes rubber particles to enter the drainage system and may require some cleaning over a 3 year period. This track may also require restriping after two or three years. Both surfaces are durable and meet IAAF testing requirements.

A sandwich track system consists of a resilient black matt base layer that is pore sealed to create an impervious system. The wearing course is installed onto the pore sealer. The wearing layer can be embedded or encapsulated and should be at least 4 to 5mm in depth. The sandwich track system performs well for both training and competition. It also is very durable and has a fairly long maintenance cycle.

We install in New York, Pennsylvania and all of New England.

Yes, there are a wide variety of colors available including custom colors. It is important to select colors prior to requesting a proposal as colors other than red or black can add to the surface price.

The IAAF is the governing body for international track and field who established physical property standards that, when properly installed, create a desirable track surface. Track surfaces that test within the physical properties parameters receive an IAAF certificate. At Nagle Athletic we install every Advanced Polymer Technology track system with the identical ingredients (components and product) set by the manufacturer in order to achieve IAAF Certification. We do not switch to less expensive components that could ultimately impact the testing parameters, create a firmer track surface or effect the overall long-term performance of the track.

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