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Serge Silva named Senior Track Technical Sales Representative

Nagle Athletic Surfaces is pleased to announce the promotion of Serge Silva to Senior Track Technical Sales Representative. He will be responsible for management and technical support of the Pennsylvania Track Technical Sales Representative in addition to sales efforts in New York and Pennsylvania.  Serge started his career at Nagle in 1992 as a field technician and has played an integral role in the growth and development of Nagle Athletic Surfaces court and track divisions. He has been responsible for selling and coordinating numerous projects at colleges and high schools across New York and Pennsylvania.


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Taking a Shortcut Can Actually Take Longer and Cost More…Much More!

 Synthetic running track surfaces are a beautiful addition to any facility and can yield tremendous benefits to a track program.

But a track surface that is not installed properly will fail and result in damage that looks terrible and creates a safety hazard.

As one would expect, running track surfaces can be very expensive and requires extensive training to install properly. With tightening budgets, many school districts are forced to go with the lowest bidder regardless of qualifications.  As a result, projects are usually delayed, or worse, rushed to get in before the big game.


Why do track surfaces fail?

There are many reasons why a running track surface can fail.

  • Track surface manufacturer’s recommendations are not followed
  • Inadequate surface preparation
  • Poor weather during installation
  • Not observing the minimum cure times for the underlying asphalt/concrete
  • Improperly trained installers
  • Mistakes


As you look over this list, you will note they are all shortcuts. These shortcuts are taken for one of two reasons, the contractor bid a rock bottom price to get the job or the project is being fast tracked to reach completion before the football team begins practicing. Remember the old saying…”you get what you pay for.”


The American Sports Builders Association offers a national program that certifies track installers possess the knowledge and experience to install tracks properly. Certified Track Builders must have several years experience installing synthetic running tracks, must pass a comprehensive exam and must be re-certified every three years.


At Nagle Athletic Surfaces, we never cut corners…ever. Make sure your hire an ASBA Certified Track Builder for your next track project.


Quality…Service…Value.  It’s what we do!

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Nagle Athletic Gets a Grip on Slippery Mold

In many areas of the Northeast, moisture and foliage coupled with limited amounts of bright sunshine combine to create ideal environments for mold to form. Mold can be unsightly, but it can also be very dangerous if allowed to form in areas requiring traction.  Many school districts have been encountering mold on their synthetic running tracks and game courts, resulting in surfaces than can be very slippery and have resulted in athlete injury. To make matters worse, school districts are prohibited from using many types of chemicals needed to effectively remove mold.

Nagle Athletic Surfaces has the answer to your athletic surface mold that is also safe for the environment.  Introducing our Cyclone 5500 High Pressure Surface Cleaning and Water Recovery & Recycling Unit. This unit utilizes heated water that is sprayed under high-pressure onto the surface through a rotating cleaning head, which is capable of removing dirt, mold and petroleum products.

To protect the enviroment, the cleaning head contains turbines that rotate at high rate of speed to create a vortex of air and water that reclaims the water and debris from the surface.

If mold is a persistent problem on your running tracks or game courts, count on StadiumCare by Nagle Athletic Surfaces to help you get your grip and protect the environment.

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