Nagle Athletic Surfaces offers a wide variety of surface treatments for streetscape projects. Areas include walkways, bike paths and safety zones.

    • Methylmethacrylate color coatings
    • High friction surfaces
    • Integrally colored textured imprint surfaces
    • Porous pavement
    • Stonescapes

    Color-Safe Pavement Markings

    Nagle Athletic Surfaces is an authorized installer of the T-28 Color-Safe Pavement Marking systems developed by Transpo Industries.  The T-28 system was developed in response to the demand for new safety countermeasures to protect pedestrians and bicyclists from motor vehicle hazards.  The system consists of highly visible color markings, reflective materials and anti-skid surfaces.  Color-Safe Pavement Marking systems can be applied to asphalt and concrete surfaces.

    Colorado DOT Crosswalk demarcation project, Denver, CO

    Red area markings were used to define crosswalks at three busy intersections in downtown Denver, Colorado. The largest of the intersections was 16 lanes of traffic.  Area markings were used for both the red crosswalks and the white accent stripes. The material covered an 4,750 ft2 area and reflective beads were added to the surface of the accent stripe.

    Prior to 2008, when similar red crosswalks were installed at the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Louisiana Avenue, there was an average of two people being struck each year by oncoming vehicles. Since installation of the newly applied Transpo’s Color-Safe Surface crosswalks, there has been significant reductions in motor vehicle/pedestrian collisions with only 1 person hit within the past 3 years. CDOT forsees similar reductions in motor vehicle/pedestrian collisions at the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and East Colfax Avenue, where the Transpo’s Color-Safe Surface crosswalks have also been installed.

    Syracuse University Connective Corridor Project, Syracuse, NY

    Take a walk along University Avenue and you’ll see the start of a new biking system that will connect the city. This unique treatment will be a signature for Syracuse, and it is one of the first cities in the country to utilize this particular cutting-edge technology for bicycle lanes under new federal standards.

    The new “greenway” Methacrylate bike lanes also represent a novel approach to emerging technologies. This new generation resin provides exceptional durability on asphalt and concrete, skid-resistance, and the highest re?ective values for safety. (Plus, in this case, this color sure says “green” in a big way.) This new “greenway” bike network in Syracuse will be one of the ?rst in the country to implement new MUTCD standards – a recently adopted national standard.

    Porous Pavement

    Nagle Athletic Surfaces, Inc. is an authorized installer of Porous Pave, a revolutionary porous pavement product made from recycled tires – keeping approximately 300 tires out of landfills to make 160 cubic feet of Porous Pave material.  Porous Pave is not only environmentally friendly.  Some other benefits of Porous Pave include:

    • Highly permeable – As its name suggests, Porous Pave has a highly porous structure allowing large amounts of water to drain through it. Rainwater is evenly dispersed over the ground and allowed to soak in rather than all of it being directed to storm sewer or retention ponds. Erosion and channeling of water is reduced around perimeter of sites not using storm sewers or retention ponds. Less run-off results in minimal and in some cases no sub-surface plumbing or catch basins — greatly reducing costs.  Also, retention ponds may be reduced in size allowing more usable land for building, parking, etc.  The non-skid properties of Porous Pave combined with its water storage capacity makes it safer than most other products in similar applications for walkways and parking areas.
    • Flexible – Porous Pave is 50% rubber making it very flexible.  This flexibility allows it to move with the sub-base material, resisting cracking and heaving, especially in freezing climates.
    • Durable – Porous Pave is perfect for bike paths, patios, trails, golf cart paths or any other foot and pedestrian traffic.  It can also be used in parking lots, driveways and other high use applications.